Did you know that most national fraternities/sororities require their members to purchase only from licensed vendors?

TGI Promo is a licensed vendor to print official Greek merchandise. We work closely with Greek Licensing to create appropriate designs that utilize the official colors and logos of each participating Greek organization while providing exceptional service to their members. As a licensed vendor we are required to submit designs to Greek Licensing for approval before producing the product. Greek organizations firmly oppose any product or design that attempts to glorify alcohol, hazing, sexism, racism, or any other image that conflicts with their organization’s mission. Members are REQUIRED to purchase all custom decorated merchandise from licensed vendors because a percentage goes back to each chapter’s headquarters. 

TGI Promo is licensed with over 50 universities across the country. This means you can have your school’s approved name, verbiage, and imagery on your design. Please keep in mind that each university has specific rules and guidelines for using their name and imagery. Every design that has university marks must be submitted for approval to that university. Using university marks will increase the price of the product, as we must pay a royalty fee. If you have any questions about collegiate licensing or to find out if we are licensed with your school, please contact your account manager.

Have any other questions about Greek or Collegiate Licensing?

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