Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t see your answer here?

Contact us at (918) 835-4330 or [email protected]

Is there a minimum quantity for orders?

Yes! We have a minimum of 24 pieces per screenprint and/or embroidery orders. Accessories such as water bottles, stickers, buttons, ect often have minimum requirements based on the product itself.

Where are your prices?

Because each order is different based on the product you choose, the quantity being ordered, number of inks, etc, your account manager  will be your go-to for pricing. They’ll work closely with you to stay within your budget.

I'm new at this & have never put together an order. Where do I start?

We’re so happy you’re here! You can start a design request by clicking on the design request tab, browsing our design library or through the products page. Make sure to provide all the details in the form so your account manager has everything they need to get started on your order.

Can I customize a design I found in your "Design Library"?

Of course! If you see something you like from our design library, but want to change up the design elements, let us know in the form. We also specialize in custom designs, so if you have an idea in your mind, fill out the design request form and we’ll turn your idea into a design proof!

What if I don't see a product I'm looking for?

Not a problem! TGI Promo has access to 1,000s of different accessories and apparel products. If you’ve seen something while scrolling your social media or spotted something you love while strolling down the street, send your account manager a photo or description and we will personally track it down for you to design on.

How long is the wait to get a design proof back?

From the time you submit your design request and your account manager confirms that they’ve received everything to get started, you should expect a design proof in your inbox (ready to swoon over) in 48 business hours.

How long does it take to complete my order?

Since every order is different, one of the first questions your account manager will ask is “when do you need your order?” You’ll get a timeline of exactly when your order needs to be placed. We take pride in the fact that all screenprinting and embroidery orders are done in-house.

Do you all have individual ordering?

Of course. We have an online ordering system that securely collects individual payments and makes the ordering process a breeze for everyone involved. You’ll get updates to ensure you’re hitting the minimum and see who has ordered!

Does TGI Promo offer individual shipping?

Yes, individual shipping is an additional fee, but we can do it!

Order Policies

1. Please keep in mind that colors on computer screens and phones vary, so the printed colors may look different on the final product vs the digital image. We do our best to color match!

2. Once you’ve handed out your shirts, we are not responsible for missing shirts. We strongly encourage you to use the bag and tag check list and highlight each name when you pass out your orders so that you can track and verify pickups. Sometimes we send extra shirts if we have them. You can use them to resolve any issues.

3. Comfort color shirts are vintage hand dyed and sometimes vary in coloration and dye lots. We send back any variations that are highly noticeable. If the color differences are just slight, we consider it part of the cool vintage dyed process. It’s something we can’t control or refund.

4. When printing white ink on comfort colors shirts, the instability of the vintage dye can affect the integrity of the white ink. You may notice the white ink will absorb the shirt color dye and the color of the dye will pull up through the white ink and change the solid white to a hue of the shirt Color. This doesn’t always happen but can happen on occasion. We can’t know when it will happen and we can’t control the outcome. The due migration can happen hours after the shirts are printed and boxed up. Again, this is just part of the cool vintage dyed process you may get when you order comfort colors shirts. Any shirts that are shades of red, pink or purple are more likely to dye migrate but it can happen with all colors and we can’t take back these unique awesome shirts.

5. We love to offer you the most relevant products on the planet and some of these fashion forward products are in high demand. If TGI can’t get it, neither can our competitors. You can count on us to follow up and get your products as soon as they are available. We promise to communicate any stock issues as soon as possible, give you options and work with you to make the choice that makes your chapter the happiest! We can’t control the above stated issues and can’t take back or refund anything we mentioned above.

6. We guarantee on time delivery if you ordered on or before the deadline your Account Manager gave you. We promise to give you an environmentally conscious product that was designed and printed in Tulsa, Oklahoma with extreme care for detail and quality. Please help us help you and be aware of what can happen to your order.

7. Also, we can’t control the weather. If your order gets held up due to floods or inclement weather that FedEx or UPS can’t survive, we aren’t considering that our responsibility. If weather is normal and you place your order on time, we promise to get your order delivered on time or early! Cool? Cool!

Any specific wash instructions?

Due to the unique custom printing process, we recommend washing all garments before you wear them! For t-shirts, wash inside out in cold water to increase longevity. See care instructions for all other apparel pieces!

How can I pay for my bulk order?

You can pay with a credit card or check. We require that all orders are prepaid before the process can begin. If you need to split the cost into two payments due to a credit card limit, just let your account manager know. If you are paying with a check, send a picture of the check before dropping it in the mail so we can start on your order. 

Will I get tracking for my order?

Yes! You’ll receive a text message with your tracking number as soon as the mail carrier picks up your order from our facility. 

Can I purchase artwork you have created without purchasing it on a shirt?

No, we do not sell artwork separately outside of screenprinting.

Do you offer custom names and numbers?

Yes, they are an additional fee. Please know that we have to submit the names and numbers to greek licensing for approval. 

What if I need my order sooner than the normal turnaround?

We offer rush services at an additional cost. Make sure to tell your account manager as soon as you know that you need your order sooner than the normal turnaround so they can make sure we can meet your in-hands date. 

Do you offer bag and tag?

Duh!! We are here to make your job easier! Bag and tag is free will every order as long as you provide an excel sheet in our format! 

Can I offer different products but have the same design printed on them?

Yes! You can mix and match products as long as design and ink colors are all the same.